We recommend booking an fragrance consultation online and let's find something that suits you perfectly.
The task of finding a new perfume is very personal, so if you or a loved one would like to delve a little deeper into the world of niche perfumery, a Private Fragrance Consultation may just be the perfect way to discover your signature scent.
Experience a private 15-60 minutes personalised fragrance consultation in the luxury of our Tuxedo Boutique.
Join one of our in-house experts who can guide you through our carefully curated scent selection to find your new signature fragrance and create a personalised bespoke Discovery Collection for you to take away on the day.
Enjoy a refreshing glass of drink or a coffee whilst you immerse your senses in the world of luxury niche perfume.
The experience is personal to you, but we recognise having a second opinion can often help, so if you would like to bring a companion for a little extra advice, they are more than welcome to join.